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Strategic Business Writing and Editing


Articulate Your Vision

Tossco Communication provides professional business writing and editing services. We take the time to understand your unique business and create the highest-quality writing to clarify your thoughts and goals.  Your messages will be finely crafted and highly targeted for your audience. 

Everyone has a unique perspective and voice.  Likewise, every business has (or should have) a unique voice.  Tossco Communication can help you find yours. 

We provide strategic business writing, editing and related communication services. We spend time to understand your business and craft custom content.

Before we write anything, we take the time to learn about your business and conduct research to thoroughly understand your market and competition. Writing is then based on your specific goals.  

How we can help you:

  * Discuss and analyze your communication goals and strategy

  * Create custom content for websites, blogs, brochures and social media platforms

  * Write company descriptions, press releases, bios, articles, eBooks and case studies





Writing Samples


With over 15 years of successful traditional and online advertising experience, Duncan Scarry offers automotive dealers and manufactures insight into the most effective and progressive automotive marketing methods.  He is the founder of two of the fastest growing automotive advertising agencies in the country: Moore & Scarry Advertising and Haystak Digital Marketing.  Duncan currently serves as Haystak Digital Marketing's senior director and general manager, and chairman of Moore & Scarry Advertising.  Read Full Article

Press release

Tampa, FL– (April 09, 2013) – Tampa Bay area residents Rocky Santa Cruz and Vic Donati today announced the successful launch of their new business, Hexa Watches.  The new boutique watch maker creates and sells unique, purpose-built, stylish dive watches in limited editions.  All watches are designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.  In addition, the premier design, the K500, was test marketed online, pre-production, in a world exclusive at the largest watch enthusiast website,  Using this innovative social media strategy, Hexa Watches accurately assessed the market and knew they had a winning product before manufacturing began.   Read Full Article


The Summer Olympic Games are quickly approaching.  Men and women from around the globe train and dream of representing their countries in the world's most prestigious athletic competition.  One Moore & Scarry team member hopes to be selected among the elite athletes that have the opportunity to bring glory and honor the U.S.A.  Nate Grooms is a mild mannered digital account coordinator by day, and a world class hammer thrower by night.  That's right, Nate's a hammer thrower!  Read Full Article


The Sean Scarry Memorial Foundation recently awarded twelve scholarships, totaling $15,000, to deserving Cadets in the Rutgers University Army ROTC program.  The scholarships were awarded based on financial need and merit to Cadets who proudly serve their country, while attending college. The background story of the Memorial Foundation and the scholarships is inspiring and touching.  Out of the devastating loss of a loved one, renewed life and support for others has evolved.  Read Full Article

Press release

Orland Park, IL – (January 19, 2016) – Zeigler Automotive Group, one of the largest privately owned dealer groups, today announced its continued growth with the opening of Orland Park Nissan and Infiniti dealerships.  Located at 8500 and 8550 West 159th Street, the dealerships opened on January 7 as Zeigler Nissan of Orland Park and Infiniti of Orland Park.  Zeigler Automotive Group cites the strong growth of the Nissan and Infiniti brands and Orland Park's vibrant economy as key factors for making the purchases.   Read Full Article

web and brochure copy

Nashville born and breed Moxie Print Market specializes in small to medium size business printing services, from concept to completion.  Moxie Print Market serves Nashville's unique blend of businesses and nonprofits by providing high-quality print services, with down-home customer service, quick production times and competitive pricing.   Read Full Article