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Tampa Bay Entrepreneurs Use Innovative Online Strategy to Successfully Launch New Venture, Hexa Watches

Tampa, FL– (April 09, 2013) – Tampa Bay area residents Rocky Santa Cruz and Vic Donati today announced the successful launch of their new business, Hexa Watches.  The boutique watch maker creates and sells unique, purpose-built, stylish dive watches in limited editions.  All watches are designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.  In addition, the premier design, the K500, was test marketed online, pre-production, in a world exclusive at the largest watch enthusiast website,  Using this innovative social media strategy, Hexa Watches accurately assessed the market and knew they had a winning product before manufacturing began.              

"We engaged with the online watch enthusiasts' community before we physically produced our first design to gauge their interest in our watch and the response was tremendous," commented Rocky.  "People really got into it.  Most people who commented loved it, some didn't, but all the feedback was invaluable.  It let us know definitively that we really had something the market would value.  By the time we went into production, we already had nearly 150 orders, all with 50% deposits received.  Obviously as entrepreneurs, we were taking a big risk, but the online marketing strategy allowed us to make it a very calculated, market-tested risk."        

Vic also commented, "Rocky and I are both watch lovers and we especially love dive watches.  Dive watches fit our outdoor, water-sports oriented, fast-paced lifestyles.  We know the market in large part because we are the market.  We love fishing, surfing, kayaking, sailing; you name it on and in the water.  One day we began discussing what our 'dream' watch would be like.  And just over two years, and a lot of hard work, later our dream watch has arrived.  It has been and continues to be an incredible adventure.  We just feel so fortunate to be able to turn our passion into a reality and share it."

Hexa Watches partnered with family-run, U.S.-based Lüm-Tec, an international leader in watch engineering and production, who helped make Vic and Rocky's designs a physical reality.  The K500 Premier Edition is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The unique, utilitarian design has an integrated crown guard at 10:30, which keeps it off the wearer's wrist and makes it virtually impossible to damage the crown.  The watch is powered by a high-end automatic Seiko movement.  Further, the luminescent face was specifically designed for ultra legibility.  In addition, the K500 includes a high-grip bezel and is pressure tested to 500m.  Since January of this year, Hexa has delivered nearly 200 watches to customers and more orders are in the fulfillment process.  Hexa prices average around $700 per watch, making them a great value for their level of quality and style.

Amanda Tossberg